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Five tips for adding luxury to your vacation

SO/ Paris

Luxury has different meanings to different people. We polled our Facebook group some time ago and got these answers to the question, “What does luxury mean to you?”

“I think luxury is something that is really hard to describe. It is more of a feeling.” 

“For me it means flying comfortably and staying in a nice hotel.”

 “If I’m going to be sight-seeing, the amenities in the hotel aren’t as important since we won’t be spending much time there. The excursions and food are priority for us.”

“I love a robe in the room, and a chocolate at turn down…A glass of champagne upon arrival is nice, too.” 

“For me, true luxury travel is having someone else plan a beautiful, high-end vacation to a destination I’ve not been, so that I can focus on the experience and not the plans.”

Four Seasons George V, Paris

We agree with all of the above, of course, especially that last one. If you’re looking for ways to add some luxury to your travel experience, here are five of my top tips:

  1. Upgrade your room. Instead of booking the smallest room that you’ll fit in, splurge on a room with a view or extra space to spread out in. 
  2. Arrange private transfers when traveling between airports and hotels. It’s just so nice to arrive in at an airport and be met by a driver holding a sign with your name on it. This creates ease from the moment you leave baggage claim.
  3. Take private tours rather than group tours. Having a guide focusing on just you and your family is the most wonderful way to experience a tour. We specialize in arranging private, custom tours for our clients, and this really adds to the in-depth cultural experience of your vacation.
  4. When traveling to Europe, if your flight is scheduled to land early in the morning but you can’t check in to your hotel until 3pm, consider booking your hotel one night in advance. Rather than having to wait until late afternoon to check in to your room, your room will be ready for you no matter how early you arrive. Arriving after a red-eye flight and being able to take a bath or shower in your hotel room no matter how early your flight has arrived is an amazing feeling.
  5. Book hotels with your Virtuoso-affiliated advisor. We’re biased here, of course, but this is really a great way to add value to your hotel stay. When you do this, you’ll enjoy special perks such as complimentary upgraded rooms when available, hotel credit, early check in and late check out when possible.

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