Our team ensures that your travel experience will blend meaningful discovery, inspiration, indulgence and pampering -- creating memories to last a lifetime.

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I started MMarkham Travel because I’ve always been a planner—and I’ve seen first-hand the power travel has to open minds and hearts in my own family. Whether they’re tearing through the Louvre on a private treasure hunt or leading a dog sled across a gleaming glacier in Alaska, my children always return home from our trips filled to the brim with burning curiosity about the world around them. 

I was also inspired to start my travel agency by my other great life passion: medicine. As a practicing oncologist, I’ve shared many heart-rending moments with my patients with cancer through the years.

If there’s one thread that ties far too many of my patients together, it’s regret. They regret what they didn’t do in life—not spending more time with their loved ones, away from their offices and hectic schedules. 

I wish I could turn back the clock for them, and give them that precious time back. That’s what I hope to do for my clients today through MMarkham Travel—create moments that foster fierce connection to the most important people in your life, and to the beauty that surrounds us all. Through authentic travel, you can fill your time with vibrant experiences that transform into memories you’ll treasure forever. 

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I was introduced to Merry Jennifer via a network of female physicians who share a love of travel, and I am thrilled to join her and the MMarkham Travel team.

I am a practicing dermatologist in downtown Chicago. My husband and I have 18-year-old boy-girl twins, and our family also includes a beloved Cavapoo named Ollie. We are a very close family, and traveling together is such an important part of our relationship. l love planning our trips, from the earliest idea to the finalized itinerary, almost as much as I love going on them!

I love doing the research, diving into the details, and curating a unique experience that has something for everyone. An enchanting Disney World vacation (always a favorite), an African safari, a European adventure, a few relaxing days on a beach or cruise ship, or anything you have in mind - I’m here to help!

toral patel

travel designer

My love for traveling began on a trip to Washington DC in my youth, where I learned the history of America, walked the landscape of the city, and explored the Smithsonian museums. Since this first venture out of my home of Texas, I have visited many other fantastic places including Paris, London, Scotland, Mallorca, Germany, Hawaii, and other parts of America. 

My favorite ventures are to big cities that are rich in history, architecture, and culture. One of the ways I like to experience a new place more deeply is through food. Eating local cuisine and trying new dishes is a valuable part of traveling for me. From paella in Mallorca to escargot in Paris, I am always looking for interesting foods that are specific to the region. This even extends to the things I bring home, often resulting in luggage filled with spices, dressings, tea, coffee, and sometimes even chocolate!

In addition to traveling, I enjoy music, singing, writing, and reading historical fiction novels, especially if the setting is in a far off place. My small family includes my husband Cary, a fitness-loving electrician, and our two young children. One of the things I love most about motherhood is taking my wee ones to new places, whether on a trip abroad or just to our local zoo, where we can learn things together and create lifelong memories as a family. 

As Travel Designer for MMarkham Travel, I am able to use my savvy planning skills to cultivate a unique itinerary with all of your loves in one place, whether it be shopping, museums, food, or extreme relaxing. Tying in all of the details to bring a smooth and memorable trip with plenty of personalized touches is what I bring to each and every one of our clients.

Where is your next adventure calling you?

Zoe Register

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Travel designer

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As a travel designer with MMarkham Travel, my goal is not merely to plan trips, but to craft timeless memories etched in the hearts of each traveler. I believe that each journey should be a symphony of exclusive moments, where every detail intertwines to create a harmonious and unforgettable experience. From securing indulgent accommodations to arranging captivating excursions, my dedication lies in orchestrating dream escapes that exceed expectations. 

As a former attorney and a stay-at-home mom, I have an exceptional passion for crafting unforgettable family vacations tailored to meet the unique needs of each member, especially when it comes to managing food allergies. With years of personal experience and a deep understanding of the challenges families face when traveling with dietary restrictions, I am dedicated to curating seamless and memorable journeys that accommodate everyone's preferences and health requirements. Whether you seek a relaxing beach getaway, a thrilling adventure, or a cultural exploration, rest assured that your family's health and happiness will remain at the core of every detail of your trip. 

My wanderlust and passion for cultural immersion has taken me to numerous destinations worldwide including Israel, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Alaska, the Caribbean and several European countries. Apart from travel, I find joy in reading, cooking, and trying to get all the answers right in Jeopardy. My husband and I live in Kansas City with our three children, and Reuben, our mini Labradoodle.

Brodie Gold

travel designer

I believe that treasured memories with our loved ones are life's most valuable possessions. Growing up, my fondest memories with my family were always of traveling together, and now I love getting to explore new destinations with my husband. Some of my most cherished travel moments include ziplining “Superman style” in Puerto Rico, hiking The Path of the Gods in the Amalfi Coast, and visiting quaint organic wineries in Alsace, France.

Having previously worked as a Mental Health Therapist, I have honed an ability to deeply understand my clients’ values and goals. I find joy in using these skills, along with my love of planning and detail-oriented nature, to design bespoke travel that is expertly tailored to who you are. Whether you are seeking understated or opulent luxury, I will thoughtfully match you with the perfect curated experiences that foster meaningful connection with your loved ones and with your destination.

I also love learning about wine, and I hold a Level 2 Certification in Wines from WSET. This expertise allows me to add a distinctive touch to your travel experiences, from wine tastings in Napa Valley to discovering the rich wine culture of Bordeaux. In addition to exploring vineyards, you can often find me hiking to catch a magnificent view, reading a mystery novel on a lovely balcony, or eating chocolate desserts while on my own trips.

Outside of travel, I also enjoy practicing yoga and playing sand volleyball. I am on a perpetual quest to find the best London Fog tea latte in my hometown of Raleigh, and my husband and I take every opportunity that we get to go on walks in our beautiful “City of Oaks.”

I look forward to learning about you and using our network of global relationships to design your next beautiful adventure!

Abby Mccormick

Travel designer

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A lifelong Anglophile, and book lover, I have always had a special appreciation for calico cats, shortbread, the color pink, and the beautiful city of Paris. I am married to my husband Larry,
and as a military wife, I have been privileged to live in and travel throughout Europe for the last twenty years. We have recently moved to West Virginia and settled into our forever home.

At MMarkham Travel, I am thrilled to be the client care coordinator, where I can use my passion and expertise to help make our clients’ travel dreams come true. Whether you're looking for an adventure in Venice, a breathtaking trip to the Amalfi Coast, or a serene trip through the pastoral landscapes of England, we can help you plan an unforgettable journey. If you're looking for a unique travel experience, consider exploring the undiscovered beauty of Wales, or visiting Bavaria's castles, which will transport you straight into a childhood storybook.

And if Europe isn't your cup of tea, why not take an Alaskan cruise, embark on an African safari, or visit the stunning beaches of the Seychelles? There's no shortage of incredible destinations waiting for you, from the remarkable ecosystem of the Galapagos to the ancient pyramids of Egypt.

The world is waiting for you, and we’re here to help you explore it!




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Your perfect trip begins with you. That’s why we take a highly customized approach to itinerary design, getting to know our clients well so we can craft a travel experience that is truly singular. 

Every element of your trip will align with what you want to see and how you want to explore, from the style of your accommodations to the pace of the itinerary. We’ll also ensure we pair you with the right type of travel for the experience that you’re after—whether that’s a small-group tour, luxury river cruise, or self-directed journey. 


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This isn’t just a vacation—it’s a journey. What’s the difference? A genuine journey brims over with thrilling discovery, authentic connections, and surprises around every corner. Our access to best-of-the-best tour operators and guides get you nothing less than a journey to remember.

Picture: eye-opening walking tours, scrumptious cooking classes, private yacht excursions, and after-hours museum visits. Even our more “rest and reset” vacations blend in some vibrant cultural exploration—think taking a break from your Cabo resort to dive into some hidden cenotes.


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We strive for nothing less than seamless for our clients. From the moment you reach out to us, your trip planning goes from “overwhelming” to “effortless.” Your personal travel designer will take the helm of your entire travel experience, stitching together a custom itinerary that unfolds as smoothly as a glass of Shiraz (or top-shelf tequila—take your pick!).

We invite you to leave it all to us.

"The team from MMarkham Travel was exceptional in every way. From tailoring the perfect trip for our 20th anniversary celebration to ensuring that not a single issue was not thought through in advance to checking in on us during the trip, to picking out the perfect restaurants and excursions, our trip was simply magical. This was our first time using MMarkham Travel but it most certainly will not be the last! 5 out of 5 stars. Very highly recommend."

Mike, greece

"Amazing does not even begin to describe our experience with MMarkham Travel. My husband and I both agreed that these summer trips are more than just vacations; they are investments in our family with the realization that our children are growing up faster than we would like to admit. MMarkham Travel made the planning process (as well as our time during vacation) seamless and effortless, which allowed us to just focus on what was important: quality time with our children."

JL, Maine

"MMarkham Travel helped us plan a perfect family vacation to Belize and Guatemala combining adventure in the jungle and relaxation along the coast with deluxe accommodations that had a local vibe, which was just what we were looking for."

Patricia, Belize

"Spain captured our hearts. The tours were wonderful, every hotel exceeded our expectations with location, cleanliness and hospitality and the car transports were perfect. Thank you for putting together an excellent itinerary. We are so grateful for everything. These memories we will cherish forever. We are already thinking about our next travel adventure and can’t wait to work with MMarkham Travel again."

Avan, Spain

"I had never worked with a travel advisor before, so I didn't know what to expect. Merry Jennifer exceeded all expectations with her well-informed and creative planning, as well as her patient and upbeat attitude. We got to see so much more of the country than we ever would have been able to do on our own, with almost no stress."

RG, Iceland

"MMarkham Travel provided flawless communication about how to prepare, what to expect, & anticipated my needs before I knew them. Paris was wonderful—the hotel views & service, the brilliant private guides and delightful food tour, and the suggested touches along the way—très magnifique!"

Stephanie, Paris

"Merry Jennifer did an excellent job of listening to our requested activities, understanding the mobility limitations of one of our travelers, and doing all of the work to puzzle together the timing, tours and drivers to fill out our agendas! It was wonderful to have someone do the legwork for us -- we just had to pack our bags and go!"

Wendy, Paris & London

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