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Discover Five of Our Favorite Paris Experiences

Photo by Gary Ruiz on Unsplash

Welcome to Paris, the City of Lights, where every corner offers a new delight and every moment feels like stepping into a storybook. At MMarkham Travel, we’re passionate about bringing you into the heart of Paris with experiences that feel as personal as they are extraordinary. Here are our five of our top picks for a truly unforgettable Paris adventure. We may not be traveling with you, but let’s pretend we are!

A Private Journey Through the Louvre
Let’s skip the lines together and explore the world’s most famous art museum with a private guide who feels more like an old friend. You’ll get up close to the Mona Lisa’s enigmatic smile and stand in awe before the majestic Venus de Milo. Our guide will share captivating stories that breathe life into the art and history surrounding you, making each masterpiece even more impactful.

A Culinary Tour of French Delights
Paris is a feast for the senses, and we’re excited to take you on a culinary tour that’s tailored just for you. Imagine nibbling on buttery croissants, savoring rich cheeses, and indulging in the city’s best macarons. We’ll pop into cozy bistros and charming patisseries, each bite a taste of Parisian life. It’s not just a food tour; it’s a pathway to the heart of French culture. A cooking class is another fantastic way to experience the culinary culture of Paris.

Sunset Cruise on the Seine
As the day winds down, join us for a private cruise along the Seine. There’s something truly magical about watching Paris light up at dusk. With a glass of champagne in hand, cruise past the glowing Eiffel Tower and the historic banks that are beautifully illuminated. It’s the perfect time to relax, reflect, and fall even deeper in love with Paris.

An Artistic Stroll through Montmartre
Discover the bohemian charm of Montmartre with us by your side. This hilltop village has been the muse for countless artists and its streets whisper stories of the past. We’ll wander past the white domes of the Sacré-Cœur, peek into artists’ workshops, discover the local vineyard, and maybe even catch a live street performance. It’s a wonderful way to connect with Paris’s vibrant artistic heritage.

Your Personal Parisian Shopping Experience
Paris is a fashion capital, and we want to tailor a shopping experience that feels like it’s made just for you. Whether it’s haute couture or unique boutique or vintage finds you’re after, we can connect you with a personal guide and stylist that will help you discover pieces that you’ll treasure. Shopping in Paris with us isn’t just about the clothes—it’s about finding those special pieces that speak to your soul. There is even something for the teens traveling with you.

At MMarkham Travel, we don’t just plan trips; we craft personal experiences that resonate with your passions and preferences. Paris has so much to offer, and we can’t wait to share it with you in a way that feels intimate and unforgettable. Let’s make your Parisian dreams come true, together.

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